The main object of the Sabha is to provide wider opportunities to devout Hindus to hear, assimilate and enjoy the divine bliss that automatically follows through participation in Sapthaha yagnas. A humble beginning was made in Nov 2011 at Naimisharanyam, followed by Pushkar, sukasthall, Trivandrum, Azhwar thirunagari, Melkottai and Vilangudi.

Spurred by the support of devotees, blessings of .Poundarika puram Andavan Swamigal and encouragement given by Sri H. Ramakrishna Sarma, Trivandrum a Committee was formed who discussed and agreed to the idea of forming a Sabha. The Sabha, by virtue of its structure imposes a solemn commitment to plan and promote the objectives, besides laying a firm arrangement to maintain accounts, registers and books.

Accordingly the Committee drafted its Bye Laws on ..6.12.2013. The motto being popularising the most revered holy texts, namely Sreemath Ramayanam and Sreemath Bhagavatham. Organising lectures, programmes for recital, printing and distribution of books related to Ramayanam and Bhagavatham, organising Libraries and also employ multimedia products and display materials that can reach larger number of Hindu population.

The Executive Committee is the functional body consisting of a President, Secretary ,Treasurer and four members. The committee can be expanded for drafting persons of eminence in the field.

Sri Ramakatha Ratnam Bruhma Sri Veppathur Thiagaraja Sarma is our Yagnacharyan whose guidance is foremost in our programmes/ activities.

The Sabha has three categories of members, namely Chief Patron, ( who donate Rs 10000/- or more); Patron, (Who donate Rs 5000/- or more; and Life members (Who donate Rs 2000/- or more )
The Sabha circulates the programmes to all members, donors, pilgrims who join our programmes and also welcomes suggestions to improve the activities irrespective of holding membership or not.

The Sabha is maintaining its account at City Union Bank, Chitlapakkam, Chennai 600064. All donations and subscriptions are acknowledged by issue of official receipts and also insist that payments are made by way of cheques in favour of the Sabha.

The Sapthaham cum tour programmes have three distinct features.

(1) All pilgrims participate in the recital or original text, which is called ‘anupatanam’.

(2) The visits to shrines include Shiva and Vishnu kshetras

(3) The tour cost is barely to meet the actual expenses.

The Sabha is also organising one-day, three-days and seven –days programmes for recitation and discourse of specific Skantha by way of private arrangements if any individuals desire to perform them at their residence. The programmes can be like “Sandarac kanda parayanam”, “Sri Sita kalyanam”, “Sri Rama pattabhishekam”, Sri Krishna Jananam”, “Sri Prahlada Charithram” etc., the details can be had from the Sabha and Yagnacharyan.

The Sabha welcomes devotees to join our programmes by contacting the office bearers and earn the blessings of Lord Radhe Krishna.


His Holiness Jeer Swami,Poundarikapuram Asramam, Sri Rangam

Chief Patron, Srimad Bagavatha Sapthaga Gyanayagna Parayana Sabha

His Holiness was known as Sri Rajagopalachariar in his poorvasramam. Sri Rajagopalachariar Swami was born on April 27, 1931 in Vaduvur village, Thanjavur District.  He learnt Sanskrit at KRM Estate Patasala in Mannargudi. After four years he joined Raja Veda Dharma Patasala in Kumbakonam. Later joined Madras Sanskrit College in Mylapore and graduated as Sahithya Siroomani.  He has qualified in Tamil Vidwan course and also passed Hindi Visarath Examination.

He was Tamil Teacher at Sethupathi High School, Madurai.  Later moved to New Delhi to become a Tamil Teacher at the New Delhi Tamil School. After completing 3 decades of service at Delhi, returned to Sri Rangam where he had Grantha Chaustaya Kalakshepam from Srimad Paravakkottai Andavan of Poundarikapuram.

Srimad Paravakkottai Andavan gave him an opportunity for Bhikshai Kainkaryam and also conferred on him  the title ‘Acharya seva durandhara’. He had the honour of doing the kainkaryam at Thiruneermalai and Bangalore Asramam.

He has authored books titled “Thulasidhasarum avar tham arulvakkum”, “Thiruppavai Godasthuthi” and “Sudharsana Satakam – Commentary”, Vinaya patrika, Gitavali, and “Kavithavali”

He assisted Srimad Paravakkottai Andavan in publication of books titled “Srimad Rahasyatrayasaram”, “chillarai rahasyangal” and “Ramapiranai Karpom”.

He succeeded Srimad Paravakkottai Andavan, as 9th jeer of Poundarikapuram Asramam on 30.1.2012

Our Humble pranams to His Holiness whose blessings we crave for all those involved in the activities of the Sabha


Brahmasree Veppathur V.Thiagaraja sarma, our Yagna acharyan

Brahmasree Veppathur V. Thiagaraja Sarma hails from a very scholarly hereditary.  His father Brahmasree Vaidhyanatha Sastrigal was a leading scholar in various fields of Vedantha and had large following of disciples including his own son Sri Thiagaraja Sarma.

His mother Mathusree Raadha ammal, a pious, devoted woman had strong faith in hereditary values and nurtured Sri Thiagaraja Sarma in a Vedic culture and discipline that added to the already rich scholarship inherited from his father.

He was born in May 1937, at Kumbakonam. He learnt Sanskrit through which kavya, nataka sastra, Nyaya sastra, advaitha vedantha sastra.  He was an illustrious student of great scholars like Brahmasree R. Natesa Sarma, Brahmasree Melattur Sundaresa sastrigal, Brahmasree nallur Krishna sastrigal and his own father Brahmasree Vaidhyanatha Sastrigal.

Having learnt a wide range of puranas and sastras when he turned 24 years in age, he took immense interest in listening to the spiritual discourses by Upanyasa chakravarthi Brahmasree Sengalipuram Anantharama dikshitar, Brahmasree Sivaramakrishna dikshitar  who used to deliver lectures regularly at Kanchi mutt, Kumbakonam.

By constant listening and practice and blessings of scholars he was listening to, he gained in depth knowledge in puranas. Coupled with a  sonorous high pitch voice , he kept his audience spell bound during  his discourses even at the age of 25/26.

Even at school he gave musical discourses on Ramayana and won appreciation.  He continuously bagged first prize in Sanskrit from 6th standard to S S L C.. At Government Arts College, as a student, during the centenary celebration of the college, he acted in a Sanskrit Drama and won first prize through the hands of Dharmarakshnamani K. Balasubramania Aiyar, a great scholar and Philanthropist.

He was honoured with the title Ramakatha Rathnam in 1977.  He has been delivering lectures on Ramayanam, Bagavatham and Narayaneeyam at many centres and encouraged many youngsters to learn Sanskrit and practice recitation of Ramayanam and Bagavatham, for more than 20 years. Participated in numerous vidvad sadas and explained nyaya philosophy with ease and excellence. Every where he established the values of ethics and Hindu philosophy, with the blessings of his revered parents and a chain of acharyas who taught him sastras.

He  led the first sapthagam with great scholarship and attracted more value to the pilgrimage.  Ever since He was kind enough to accept our request to lead our programmes as yagnacharyan. Till March  2015, he had completed 7 sapthaga yagnas, at holy places like Sukasthal, Pushkar, Trivandrum, Alwarthirunagari, Melkottai, Vilangudi.

An erudite scholar in English, Tamil and Sanskrit the audience will have the benefit of listening to his lectures in any of the three languages.

We invoke the blessings of Lord RadhaKrishna to bestow him long and healthy life to enrich our members who partake in the activities of our sabha with valuable knowledge asset.