Srimath Bagavatham

“vaakyaani saakshaath raadhaivam artha: Sree Krishna eva hi:|

Raadha Krishna swaroopam hi sreemath Bagavatham param|| “

Sreemath Bagavatham is embodiment of Sree Raadhe Krishna.

Srimath Bagavatham has no parallel epic in the world. Bagawan Sri Vyasa could attain a sense of satisfaction only after rendering Srimath Bagavatham though he authored 17 other itihasas, earlier. It is our endeavour to popularise the essence of this glorious puranam. Our forefathers have made their best efforts to preserve the sacred texts and also taught us methods of parayana and explored all means to spread the knowledge through public discourses. The present generation is likely to ignore the values of these texts, due to overwhelming official /domestic commitments. Our endeavour is to spread the learning of this valuable Srimath Bhagavatham by arranging discourses, Parayana yagnas and publication of books under the guidance of great scholars. We are aware that our efforts will be like a drop in the ocean. With the blessings of Lord Radhe Krishna, we look forward to have opportunities and strength to carry forward our aforesaid ambitions.

We look forward to great scholars in the field to guide us and like minded people, who love to learn Srimath Bagavatham, to join us in our mission.